Sable/daga plástico para niños

39,10 IVA no incluído

Plastic Saber for Historical Fencing HEMA KIDS developed with the valuable consultation of Fencer Master Silvio Ciri of Accademia Romana d’Armi SSD (A.R.A.), with Fencer Master Francesco Lodà supervision.
*Suitable for children 6 to 11 years old
*To be used with Nasycon protection mask
*Italian style ambidextrous handle
*Hand protection guard
* Special rubber tip covering button at point of the blade and at cross tips
* The blade (36 cm length) has a tapered section with great flexibility and adequate stiffness, no metal parts inside that could be dangerous
*Easy to handle and safe to use
*Low weight, 50 cm total length
*Available only in black color
*The product is modular type as all Nasycon products and it is delivered in its parts blade, guard,n2 cross tips, n 3 rubber tip covers,it easy to assemble and can be shipped in small transportation volume